Base BLONDE ++ Shampoo

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This is the strongest intense Professional Violet Shampoo!! It will control Brassy, yellow blondes and will help to maintain your bright white colour tones! Can also be used on grey hair to brighten and prevent yellowing. This shampoo also adds moisture and shine to create brilliant blondes and banish brassiness from brunettes.

Also can be used to tone mannequin heads!

How to use: When first using mix a small amount with your regular shampoo and mix together before applying! If more toning power is needed, reduce the amount of normal shampoo or leave on for longer. Dampen hair, apply Shampoo into hair and scalp thoroughly. Rinse Shampoo and repeat if needed!

*For mannequins I mix dash of the Shampoo into a conditioner or treatment, then mix together and apply to the hair!

This product contains colour pigments that may stain tiles, grout and porous areas. Wearing gloves is recommended.

SLES & SLS Free. Paraben free. Gentle to use everyday. Vegan friendly.

Size: 300ml


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