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Any orders placed during this time will not be posted until July 8th.

G’day I’m Melissa Howlett

Award Winning Bridal Hair Stylist


Hair With Melissa

Hair Styling + Braiding  Education 

I’m so excited & looking forward to sharing with you my hairstyling tips, tricks & techniques that I use to create beautiful upstyles, braids & waves!

– Have Fun while learning how to create beautiful Styles!

– Offering Enjoyable Hair Lessons and Classes!

– Online, Private and Salon Education!

Learn how to create different looks!

Beautiful Hairstyles and Braids!

My education is designed for everyone no matter what level you are at! 

You maybe just starting out, or you are a makeup artist wanting to learn hairstyling, or maybe you just love hair and want to learn how to do different styles!
I will show you step by step how to create upstyles and braids that are simple and easy to follow!

If you are looking to up-skill and learn different / new techniques to be able to offer to your clients and brides, then you have come to the right place! As artists, we never stop learning, that is how we grow and develop our unique style! 

If you have been away from hairstyling for a while and need that boost to give you the confidence to get back into it, then my hair education will definitely help you!

Choose from the variety of hair tutorials, including basic plaits, braids, waves, upstyles and more!

New hair tutorials will be added to the collection throughout the year, so you can look forward to new styles to learn!

Watch my tutorials anytime and anywhere that suits you!

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About Melissa & Hair I Come

Award Winning Bridal Hair Stylist Melissa, Owner of Hair I Come – Wedding Hair and Makeup, is so passionate about creating gorgeous hairstyles for all occasions! She has a bright, bubbly and genuine character who brings experience, professionalism and expertise to create a fun, relaxed experience for everyone. Born and bred on the Gold Coast, Australia, Melissa is constantly in high demand, styling hair for weddings, and many special events throughout the year. She also has now discovered her passion for teaching! Melissa loves training students across Australia, with her very popular hands on hairstyling and braiding workshops! “I just love what I do and enjoy every day! I love putting smiles on faces, making brides and my students feel confident and amazing!” With over 20 years of knowledge and skills, she is known for creating beautiful upstyles, braided and boho hairstyles for brides, as well as her easy to follow hair tutorials! Melissa absolutely loves sharing her knowledge and inspiring others! If you are seeking more confidence, new skills, or motivation to take you to the next level, then her Online Education Hair Tutorials are just for you!!








Private Classes / Salon Training!

I am so passionate about sharing my knowledge and helping others improve their hairstyling skills to help achieve their goals and dreams! I offer a range of different Online Education sessions as well as 1:1 Styling Sessions & Full Day Masterclasses for individuals and couples! I also offer Salon Training Sessions too! View my EDUCATION for more details!

Education Enquiries


“What a pleasure it was to be part of Melissa’s workshop. Not only has she got an abundant knowledge of all things hair, but she has an energetic passion that makes you fall in love with hair all over again. I have been to workshops before that have left me feeling unclear, underwhelmed and uneducated. Melissa’s class hold a warm and encouraging atmosphere, where you feel safe to explore your creativity. She is hands on and supports you through the entire class. I highly recommend her classes for beginners just starting out to even experienced hair stylists that want to refine their current skills.

You’re awesome!”

Liz xx

“I recently attended Mel’s ‘Boho Bridal upstyles’ class, and I was So glad I did! The class flowed so well, and Mel made sure I was competent at every step. 

Her instructions were simple for even me to follow, and I was actually really impressed by what I could do! Thank you Mel! Her class has given me confidence to add hairstyling to my services, which has helped me secure more bookings. I found the class full of positivity, and clear concise information that went above and beyond my expectations.”  

Nicola Aldridge

Goddess Makeup Design

“I absolutely loved doing Melissa‘s bridal and Boho bridal hair course. What I loved about it is obviously Melissa is so beautiful, vibrant and so easy to learn from but she also broke down each style and made it so easy for me to recreate for my own clients.

I have booked myself in for two more of her hair courses which I cannot wait. As a make-up artist I’m so grateful to have found Melissa because she has allowed me to now offer a hair service as well. “

For ever grateful!

Nicole Peterson x

 Looking for more than Online Education? Check out Melissa’s amazing Hands on Workshops!

  • Are looking to upskill and learn different / new techniques to be able to offer to your clients and brides?
  • Have you been out of the industry for a while and would like to get up to date with the latest hairstyling and trends?
  • Would you like to know easy ways how to create beautiful Upstyles?
  • Would you like to learn different braids and how to perfect your braiding techniques?
  • Do you just need a confidence boost and a dose of Inspiration!

Melissa will guide you through your practice while sharing her hair styling knowledge, tips, tricks and techniques that will help better your skills! You will feel inspired and more confident to create beautiful hairstyles for your clients / brides! 

Melissa is a bright, bubbly and genuine character that will bring her experience, professionalism and expertise to create such a fun, relaxed experience for everyone!!

5 Great reasons to attend my Classes!

  1. You will learn new skills which gives you such a personal boost and self-confidence!
  2. If you are feeling a bit flat with your work, by attending to one of my classes you will feel refreshed and inspired!
  3. Learning new techniques and styles that are in demand will increase your value!
  4. Obtaining new skills is an investment in yourself and will keep you at the cutting edge of your field!
  5. They are super fun and enjoyable!
  6. I will guide you through each step, giving one on one attention throughout my classes!