This Style:


I will show you my Step by Steps how to create these beautiful waves!

Hair Prep: 

Spot blowdry the fringe, parting and crown with the white sands liquid texture spray medium using a round brush.

Spray each panel of hair with the Eco Style Dry Shampoo.

Then Spray the White sands Liquid Texture Spray over each section before curling with the medium barrel wand.


  • Wind the hair vertically back off the heavier side, and make sure each curl is wound exactly the same around the whole head! You will end up winding vertically towards the face on the opposite side, this is the side that normally gets tucked behind the ear!
  • Flat wind, tuck the ends under
  • Let the hair cool down before you comb out!
  • Use the Texture powder at the roots when teasing!
  • Comb out using a Rake comb.
  • Take your time dressing out the waves, the more combing you do the better, you will find that the wave will pop out, and then after combing use the Products to secure into place!

Tools Used:

H2D Medium Barrel Wand 25mm – to curl with

Products Used: 

White Sands – Liquid Texture Spray Medium Hold

White Sands – Infinity Hairspray

Schwarzkopf – Volume Up Spray (red can)

Schwarzkopf – Power Cloud (Puff powder)

Schwarzkopf – Sparkler Shine Spray

You will need:

Medium Barrel Wand 25mm, Heat Glove, Metal Tail Comb, Teasing comb, Metal prong teasing comb, sectioning clips, bobby pin, Mini Slide clips, Cutting comb, RAKE Comb.

  • Products and tools can all be purchased through my Online Store!