Ultimate Curl Session Gift Voucher

AUD $429.00



The session starts with a consultation to understand where you are with your curls and what hairstyle you wish to achieve. Melissa then will give you a personalised curly cut to achieve your desired look and style suited to you. Afterwards your curls will enjoy a thorough detox & cleansing session before receiving a restorative treatment followed by a hydration hair mask.

You will learn then practice how to cleanse, hydrate and style your hair. Melissa will carefully select the specific products, tailored to your individual need to achieve your desired look.

Melissa will teach you different drying techniques, refreshing methods along with lots of other curly hair tips which will help you enjoy looking after your curls.

This is not a regular hair appointment….

….it is a personalised hands-on styling workshop, where you will learn lots of knowledge and skills on how to look after you curls!

Allow from 3 – 4 hours.

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